APIS Consulting Sdn Bhd


Service support systems in the communications service provider (CSP) environment are generally broken down into two main categories, namely OSS (Operational Support Systems) and BSS (Business Support Systems). 

APIS currently engages mainly in the OSS integration space. Our experience and expertise lies in building, operating and supporting the links between software components of a back-end OSS system. We work to ensure that the orchestration and exchange of data between the disparate components of an OSS system takes place smoothly, efficiently, securely and reliably. Components related to service activation and provisioning, service fulfilment, service monitoring, fault monitoring, mitigation and resolution all fall under the purview of the OSS systems that we deal with.

In addition to delivering on our core competency in the OSS space, we are currently also building competencies in the BSS integration space to be able to deliver a more fully rounded set of service offerings to our partners and customers. The BSS service components include applications supporting commercial, revenue and customer-relationship activities.

Our service offerings cover the following major practice areas:


System Integration

Our team of experienced system integration consultants, analysts and software and solution architects work directly with partner and customer teams to understand, design, develop and maintain integrated solutions for our CSP customers.


Operations & Support

Our system integration engineers and operations & support engineers manage, operate and support the various integrated solutions that we have built and implemented.


IT Services Outsourcing

We also provide outsourced resources to partners and customers to fill in competency or service gaps in their teams for both short term and long term service engagements.